Though there are some works and papers on this, there remains to be a complete Quantum Theory of Gravitation.
I feel it has been intentionally omitted and suppressed because of its true freedom giving answers: 〈a〉 Near instantaneous same day travel across the universe and back in 〈b〉 fully operational traversable wormholes with clear magnetic mass membranes cleaning space allowing almost infinite acceleration of light and 〈c〉 in sending a test charge into the hole, infinite free and clean energy is extracted ∞
The above M Equation is a close approximation based on the image transmitted to me by a very mild mannered dark blue Grey type Star Scientist in 2005 under priority Council directive and similar work on the Kerr Black Hole: “The Quantum Mass Spectrum of the Kerr Black Hole” J.D. Bekenstein, Center for Relativity Theory University of Texas.
Common operators are:
M = mass energy, Q = charge & J = angular momentum.

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